Sweepstakes Year - 2008



We have have decided to maintain a limited show schedule for 2009. We will only be attending larger convention shows and a few choice local shows. We still will be breeding as normal and plan to continue to expand our color projects this year.


Pasrba Convention Results - Lebanon, PA Feb 7,8, 2009

Pasrba Open Show 1

THF Saynora's Zeb - BOB - 193 Holland Lops shown - Judge: Rusty Westhoff

Also 1st Place SSD (Zona)


Congrats to Amy Dedrick for BOS with a SJD!


EHLSC Specialty Show


THF Saynora's Zomba - BOS -193 Holland Lops shown - Judge: Todd Naragon

also 1st place SJB, 1st pl & BOSV BSB - Jonah II

Congrats to MaryLouise Cowan BOB with a SSB!


Pasrba Open Show 2

THF Saynora's Zona - BOB 125+ Holland Lop shown - Judge: Travis Finkle

Congrats to Jenny Poprawski - BOS with a BJB!


Chesapeake HL Specialty Show

THF Saynora's Qwade 1st Pl SSB under Allen Mesick

Congrats to Jenny Poprawski - BOB with a BJB!


Congrats to Emely & James Meagher BOS with a SJD!





Richmond RBA 12-6-2008

(Attended Show A Only)




Saynora's Copter - BOB


Judge - Everette Hopper


Congrats to Jennifer Poprawski for BOS with Camelot's Sabrina





The 85th ARBA National Convention Louisville, KY - October 26-30, 2008



Fatima - 1st Place SSD ARBA Convention 2008 & Best Fur!




Quincy 4th Placed SJB & Quinson 15th SJB



Jonah 10th Placed BSB


Copter - 17th Pl SSB of 199

Quasi - 23rd Pl SSB of 199




Ohio State Convention - May 2008


Qwade - BOB & Best of Group Ohio State All Breed Open Show



Fatima - BOS OHLRF Speciaty Show




Washington County Rabbit Breeders Show

Washington, PA - March 16, 2008





Zemo (Specialty Show) and Qwade (OpenShow) BOB wins: 0" align="center"> 





York Pa - Qwade BOB




PA Convention

Lebanon, PA 2/2-2/3/08


Day 1



Judge - Allan Ormond

BOB Fatima


Judge - Briony Barnes

BOB Pistachio

BOV Qwade



Day 2



Judge - Chris Zemny

BOB Qwade

BOV BJB Rigatoni


Congrats to our friend Karen Lewis for winning BOS with a sjd


Judge - Anna Dapper

BOB Qwade

BOSV Pistachio


Congrats Ashlee Richards for BOS with a BJD




Triple Crown - Classy Country Hollanders

Spartanburg, SC 1/26/08

Qwade BOB Fatima BOS all three shows!




Best Juniors Under Phil Woolett & Molly Covert




THF Saynora's

Lilly & Rigatoni




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