Sweepstakes Year - 2007



Richmond RBA Open A



Judge- Ruth Ann Bell

BOB Qwade, BOS Jackayln




SSB: Qwade 1st/15 (BOV, BOB), Zayden 2nd, Qwinton 5th

SSD: Fatima 1st, Quehanna 2nd

SJB: Maurus 4th/16

SJD: Prima 1st/15 (BOSV), S145T 2nd (PIC COMING! THIS DOE IS CUUUTE!)

BSB: Laz 1st (BOV), Zemo 5th

BSD: Jill 2nd, Lucita 3rd

BJB: Jonah 2nd

BJD: Jackayln 1st (BOSV, BOS), Twinkle 3rd



*  *  *  * *  *


Richmond RBA Open B



Judge- Roger Bustle

BOS Jackayln



SSB: Zayden 3rd, Qwade NP!?

SSD: Quehanna 1st BOSV, Fatima 3rd(!? lost on fur?)

SJB: Maurus 5th

SJD: S145T 1st, Prima 3rd

BSB: Laz 1st, Zemo 2nd

BSD: Jill 2nd, Lucita?

BJB: T146S 1st (BOV), Jonah 3rd

BJD: Jackayln 1st (BOSV, BOS), Twinkle 3rd



*  *  *  * *  *


HL Nationals

Prescott, AZ 3-17-07


Unfortunately half the bunnies that we entered had to be scratched for the national on Saturday due to the cancellation of Jenna's flight from HBG


S142T 5th Place SJB out of 74


S136T 2nd Place SJD out of 50


SJB: S142T 5th/74

SJD: S136T 2nd/50

BSB: Zemo 22nd

BJB: S125T 25th


*  *  *  * *  *


Sunday Specialty Show A

Judge- Armando Cabrera & Erik Bengtson


Qwade 1st Place SSB!


SSB: Qwade 1st/50

SSD: Fatima 3rd, Beezer 6th

SJB: S140T 24th
SJD: S136T 4th/63, Prima 8th, Sequoya 19th
BSB: Zemo 2nd/41, Laz 7th
BSD: None shown
BJB: Jonah 4th, Quazar 9th
BJD: Twinkle 5th, Jackalyn 6th


*  *  *  * *  *


Sunday Specialty Show B

Judge- Chris Zemny & Alan Ormond

BOS Qwade

BOSV S136T --name coming


BOS Qwade




1st Place SSD Fatima


SSB: Qwade 1st/50 BOV/BOS

SSD: Fatima 1st, Beezer 16th

SJB: S141T 5th, S140T 6th, S142T 5th?
SJD: S136T 1st/50, Zitti 22nd
BSB: Laz 17th, Zemo 18th
BSD: None Shown
BJB: Quazar 4th, Jonah 6th, S125T 10th
BJD: Twinkle 5th




*  *  *  * *  *

Dalton Georgia Triple Show 3-3-07



Judge- Todd Naragon


BOB Jonah, BOS Prima




SSB: Qwade 2nd, Pierre 3rd

SSD: Fatima 1st, Beezer 2nd?
SJB: Maurus 2nd

SJD: Prima 1st (BOV, BOS), Zayna ?, Aztec?, Sequoya?
BSB: Laz 1st, Zemo 2nd
BSD: Lucita 1st
BJB: Jonah 1st (BOV, BOB), Quazar ?

BJD: Jackalyn 1st (BOSV), Twinkle 2nd, Passat 3rd, Audi?



*  *  *  * *  *


Judge- Joe Lugo


BOB Zemo, BOS Fatima

Best Reserve in Show under Joe Lugo




SSB: Qwade 1st (BOSV in a molt), Pierre 2nd

SSD: Fatima 1st (BOV, BOS), Beezer 2nd?

SJB: Maurus 2nd

SJD: Zayna 1st, Prima 2nd, Sequoya?, Aztec?

BSB: Zemo 1st (BOV, BOB), Laz 2nd

BSD: Lucita 1st

BJB: Jonah 2nd, Quazar 3rd

BJD: Twinkle 1st (BOSV), Passat 3rd, Jackalyn ?, Audi?


*  *  *  * *  *


Judge- Stephen Roush


BOB Fatima

Best Reserve in Show under Armando Cabrera



SSB: Pierre 3rd

SSD: Fatima 1st (BOV, BOB), Beezer 2nd

SJB: Maurus 2nd

SJD: Sequoya 1st, Prima 2nd, Zayna?, Aztec?

BSB: Laz 1st, Zemo 2nd

BSD: Lucita ?

BJB: Jonah 2nd, Quazar?

BJD: Twinkle 1st (BOV), Jackalyn 2nd?, Passat?, Audi?



*  *  *  * *  *

PA Convention Judge- Owen Yates


BOB Zemo, BOS Fatima



SSB: Qwade 3rd

SSD: Fatima 1st, BOV & BOS

SJB: Qwinton 1st, Maurus 2nd

SJD: Beezer 1st, Prima 2nd , Zayna 4th

BSB: Zemo 1st & BOV & BOB

BSD: Jill 1st, Wynona 4th
BJB: Jonah 1st
BJD: Passat 1st & BOSV, Lucita 4th


*  *  *  * *  *


HL Specialty Judge - Pam Nock

107 Holland Lops


BOB - Qwade



SSB: Qwade 1st/21, BOV & BOB, Copter 2nd

SSD: Fatima 2nd

SJB: Qwinton 1st, Qwagmyer 2nd, Barton 4th

SJD: Beezer 1st, Zayna 4th, Prima 5th

BSB: Zemo 1st/16 & BOV

BSD: Jill 2nd

BJD: Lucina 2nd, Passat 4th, Audi 5th



*  *  *  * *  *


PA State Convention, Lebanon, PA 2-3-07

Judge - Eric Stewart


BOB - Qwade



SSB: Qwade 1st/38, BOV & BOB, Pierre 5th

SJB: Qwinton 1st/33, Maurus 5th

SJD: Prima 1st/30, Beezer 3rd, Zayna 5th, Fanta 6th

BSB: Zemo 1st & BOV

BSD: Wynona 1st
BJD: Passat 1st & BOSV, Audi ?


*  *  *  * *  *


HL Specialty Judge - Todd Naragon

(No comment cards)


BOS - Qwinton



SSB: Qwade 2nd, Pierre ?

SSD: Fatima 3rd

SJB: Qwinton 1st, BOSV & BOS, Qwagmyer 3rd

SJD: Prima 2nd, Beezer ?, Zayna ?

BSB: Zemo 2nd

BJB: Jonah 2nd

 BJD: ?


*  *  *  * *  *


Triple Crown Show, Spartansburg, SC 1-27-07

SHOW A - Bruce Ormsby


Qwade - BOS



SSB: Qwade 1st, BOV & BOS

SSD: Fatima 1st & BOSV

SJB: Qwagmyer 1st, Qwinton 2nd, Maurus 4th

SJD: Zayna 1st, Beezer 2nd, Zhe Zhe 3rd

BSB: Zemo 5th

BSD: Jill 2nd


*  *  *  * *  *


SHOW B - Mike Avesing


Best Junior - Zayna


SSB: Copter 2nd, Qwade 3rd

SSD: Fatima 1st

SJB: Maurus 1st, Qwagmyer 2nd, Barton 3rd, Qwinton 6th?!

SJD: Zayna 1st...Best Junior, Beezer 2nd, Zhe Zhe 5th

BSB: Zemo 2nd

BSD: Jill 2nd

BJB: Maurei 5th

BJD: Audi 3rd, Passat 4th


*  *  *  * *  *


SHOW C - Ray Brewer


Qwade - BOS



SSB: Qwade 1st, BOV, & BOS

SSD: Fatima 1st & BOSV

SJB: Qwinton 1st, Barton 2nd, Maurus 4th, Qwagmyer 5th

SJD: Zayna 1st, Beezer 2nd

BSB: Zemo 6th

BSD: Jill 2nd

BJB: Maurei 4th, Jesse 5th

BJD: Audi 1st...Best Junior, Passat 2nd, Beebalm 3rd


Best Junior - Audi


*  *  *  * *  *





Piedmont Rabbit Fanciers Show, NC 1-20-07

Judge - Jeff Hardin


BOB Qwade, BOS Fatima

Best Reserve in Show under Jeff Hardin


SSB: Qwade 1st (BOV, BOB, Best Reserve)

SSD: Fatima 1st, BOSV, BOS

SJB: Qwinton 1st, Qwagmyer 2nd, Qismet 3rd

SJD: ?


Show 2


Zemo - BOV


Darlin - BOSV

*  *  *  * *  *

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