At the shows with THF Saynora Bunnies living elsewhere!




2009 ARBA YOUTH Convention 1st Placed BSB

GC THF Saynora's Scirroco win BOSV in YOUTH Convention 2008 - Congratulations to Aislin Hall!


Shown here winning Best Reserve in Show Aislin Hall & Eric Stewart ARBA Judge

ARBA Convention 2008 - Congratulations to Brenda, Kylee and Paige Smith for Best of Breed with Narrow Gate Farm's Oscar (by Saynora's Dan) & Jenni, Karrina & Devin Yoder of Cornerstone Rabbitry was BOS





Picture courtesy Scott Rodriquez, Ivy Crescent Rabbitry


THF Saynora's Gigi (GC Saynora's Pierre and GC THF Saynora's Jackalyn) wins two 2nds out of 20 and BEST OF BREED for new owner Scott Rodriquez 11/17/07 over 120 holland lops at her first show!  She was 3rd Reserve in Show.




Picture courtesy Care Rabbitry


THF Saynora's Qwiggles wins BOB youth at the Lebanon PA Show for new owner Aislin Hall from WV.






Picking solid variety and BOB

Paul Kyle posing Zeb

Thanks for the pic Leanne and Melanie


Brian Hartzell and Jeff Hardin with Zeb


Zeb Best of Breed


Zeb turning around in the GROUP coop



Tracy Lukeman, Chris Zemny, Audrey Patriarch, Jenna Buchenauer

HL Banquet


Melanie Price, Jenna, Tracy, and Leanne Caraway our good friends


Cute couple Denise & Dean Crafton with Todd Naragon



We miss seeing CD Thompson from Canada


Marie Heath, Nichole Brockriede, and Jenna


Michael Dietrich

What a week at convention does to you

...nice "skank roots" LOL


Cutey Scott Rodriguez and Jenna...I think I need another drink...


Our Japanese friends, Aiko, Tracy, Jenna, and Jenny Poprawski


Julie Hahn

She needs rabbit toenails for her son's spinal deformity if you know anyone, she wants to buy the foot only please.  LOLOLOLOL!


Kathy Loomis, Katherine Simmons, Diane Giordani, Marie Heath, Nicole Brockriede


Tracy, John Mingus, Dwayne Scott, and Cindy Pail


Pam Jones and gang



Mariola and Roman Kulesza with his BOV award



HEY there are no serious pictures allowed with Jenna.

DJ Swan with 1st SSD


Crazy Marie Heath and Tracy


Lynda Swan, Brenda Dumas, Stephanie Valentine and gang




Saynora's Joel (by THF Shaggy x Saynora's Joelle) wins BOB & BOS Ohio State!  Congrats DJ!

Saynora's Joel  wins Best in Show for DJ Swan at the Syracuse show under Paul Kyle in YOUTH!

Also BOS in Fulton NY & BOS in Fingerlakes NY

Saynora's Joel also was #10 Top Lop for 2007!



May 5, 2007

Congrats to Aislin Hall for her BOV, BOB win with THF Saynora's Scirroco at the Mineral Wells show.  This was Scirroco's first show out for the Hall's!


March 17, 2007 HLRSC Nationals - Prescott, AZ

Tracy and I decided to fly separately from the airports in our area.  Tracy had plans to fly out from Roanoke which is about a 1.5 hr drive for her and I decided that flying out of Harrisburg International Airport would be the smart way to go considering it's only less than 15 minutes from my house.  Anyway Tracy had to meet at the Roanoke AP Friday morning and I was supposed to leave from HBG IAP at 12 noon that same day.  The weather had been in the 70s the whole week up until Friday when it decided to snow.  My 12 noon flight was cancelled and I had no other way of getting to nationals.  I was especially looking forward to nationals this year since I missed convention.  I decided to take whatever was available so they booked me for Saturday at 2:23 pm.  A few minutes later I get a call from Tracy--her flight had been cancelled too!!!  Tracy was able to reschedule a flight from Lynchburg which was a lot closer to her house.  She arrived in Prescott later Friday evening.  It snowed throughout the night in PA.

On Saturday morning, a foot of snow later, it didn't look too promising!  Thankfully the sun tried to come out and made the snow a lot easier to shovel so I figured things were looking up.

It was my first time flying alone and with the rabbits so I wasn't sure what I was going to have in store.  All I knew is that I wanted to get there to hang out with Tracy and see all our friends and have a good time.

Bunnies getting on board.  WHEW!!  One down, a few more stops to go.


All the flights went smoothly from Harrisburg to Cincinnati to Phoenix.  By the time I got into Phoenix the sun was about to set.  I had to wait for the shuttle van service to take me to my destination about an hour and a half to Prescott.  The longest hour and a half in my entire life. 

When I arrived at 9:00 pm AZ time, Tracy was there waiting.  The banquet was over and everyone was leaving with their awards from nationals that day.  I felt bummed at the thought that it was already over, but at the same time I was just happy to be there!  We got some dinner at Bucky's and went down to the Casino.  I was pretty tired, so I went up to the room to sleep while Tracy played on the slots.  At 2:30 Tracy gets back to the room with big news.  She won $1500!

Sunday morning we went to get breakfast and then headed to the show.

The bunnies did well.   See the results page!

Qwade 1st SSB under Armando Cabrera Show B & BOV/BOS under Chris Zemny Show C


Afterwards we went up to the room, hung out, and let some of the bunnies run around on the floor.

Laz had the best time!

Do I know you?


Laz (looking in the mirror)


Afterwards we went out with LeAnne & Melanie Caraway from OK for pizza with her family.  Thanks guys for taking care of us!  We had fun!


The Prescott Hotel Casino & Conference Center in AZ

(on the ride back home)


Tracy and I travelled back to Atlanta where were got on different flights home.  She left an hour earlier than me.  Everything was going smooth until I looked out the window and noticed a carrier with a few empty holes, no cart attached, and a rabbit that didn't look like mine.  I had a feeling they switched our carriers around.  Sooner or later I was going to find out where my rabbits went.  I called Tracy to let her know and she was just arriving into Lynchburg (my flight was late taking off).

I arrived in HBG and Tracy calls to tell me that she didn't get any rabbits on her flight!  What seemed like longest wait in my entire life in the check baggage I felt sick to my stomach.  Having the worst thoughts about where my carrier must be and what would happen next.   A half hour later Tracy's cart comes out followed by my cart.  I had BOTH of our shipping carriers and all of the rabbits.  LOL.  Thank god!

What a trip!



10-14-06 - Once again, THF Saynora's Chaz wins a Best in Show for Cheri Dino....big congrats Cheri!!!



Elaine is a Grand Champion

Picture courtesy of Blue Pines

THF Saynora's Elaine

THF Saynora's Elaine won BOB at her 1st show and BOSV at her 2nd at the Southwestern Ohio RBA double show in Lebanon, OH for new owner Jeanie Ruedger at Blue Pine Holland Lops. Congrats Jeanie!

Elaine is the littermate sister to Bernie and Sesame



SPECIAL THANKS to Lynda and DJ Swan for allowing Jenna & I to purchase back a Shaggy daughter, Patrice, we sold to them a few months ago. It was wonderful of them to do since we lost Shaggy, and we truly treasure their friendship & kindness!



Another big THF Saynora win this past weekend. Cheri Dino reports that THF Saynora's Chaz took 1st Runner up in show at the Memphis Fair in TN. Chaz's daughter took BOS, out of GC THF Saynora's Chandra. Cheri said she had no sleep and drove through the night to get there but it was well worth it. Sound familiar?


THF Saynora's Chaz

Pictured here as a jr.


Chaz is a Zack son, out of a Shaggy daughter



Best Reserve for proud owners - Melanie and LeAnne - 9-28-06

Last weekend Melanie of Lil Bit Farms took out THF Saynora's Ike and brushed out the last bit of his old coat and a show rabbit stood before her! Ike is only a very young senior but won a double Best of Breed at the Johnson County RBA show and
RESERVE IN SHOW at Southwest RBA! Melanie was also excited to win a BOS with one of her own homebreds, a broken jr doe out of THF Saynora's Jeanie a broken orange doe that came from Jenna's orange project she has be working hard on the past 2 years.

Congrats again to Melanie & LeAnne for having their patience and hard work with their Holland project. They will be a breeder to look out for in the future ;)


thf Saynora's Ike



MARLON is kicking bunny butt in Missouri - 9-26-06

Nicole from B & N Rabbitry told me she tries not to walk around as proud as a peacock but she just can't help it. She told me that Saynora's Marlon aka, Humpty just keeps winning. A few notable wins are:

5-12-06 The Missouri Picnic BOV with Josh Humphries and BOS and BOV with Gary Michaud.

6-4-06 Ozark Hare Raisers Anderson MO - BOB

8-26-06 Summer Shootout Claremore, OK - BOB

Harrisonville MO - BOB & BOS


All the other shows he placed 2nd. For the folks that didn't attend HL Nationals, Classy Country Hollanders had their own trio up for raffle and Saynora's Marlon was one of the bunnies in that trio. We wanted to put a very nice rabbit, one that would make a difference in a breeder's herd.


We are glad that Marlon is doing well for new owners: Nicole (Mom) & Brittany (daughter) Balwin. Good luck Marlon, Nicole & Brittany!!!

ARBA Convention - THF Saynora has been asked to donate another Holland Lop to this year's trio to benefit the HLRSC. Be sure and get a raffle ticket, maybe you will find a bunny like Marlon in the bunch ;P


Other Saynora bunnies kicking bunny butt...


September 16 Sandhills RF

Saynora's Dan Best Reserve In Show

Photo courtesy of Narrow Gate Farm Rabbitry

Ironically, Dan is the same breeding as Marlon! Congrats to Brenda, Kylee & Paige Smith for their big wins. Dan also recently won BIS at the GAA Night show in Shelby, NC in July.

Other Saynora related highlights at the Sandhill show, September 16th...A son by Saynora's Celtus, Nature Trail's Rio took a double BIS and a BRIS. His father, Celtus is out of Saynora's Totoes, who also produced Saynora's Kazu BOV, ARBA Convention 2003, Saynora's Baby that was 2nd placed at the same show. I've started a new foundation page located on the herd page so you can check out more on Totoes and what a successful doe she was for me.


If you have a THF or Saynora or both our names combined, please feel free to email me with any big news.


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