thf Saynora's Qwade

Grand Champion

GC thf Shaggy x Cox's Queeny

48 ARBA legs, 24 BOB, 6 BOS, 1 BIS, 5 BRIS

2nd Place Top Lop in 2008

7th placed SSB Holland Lop Nationals 2009

2nd Place over 200 SSB ARBA Convention 2007

1st Place HL Specialty A Day after 2007 Nationals under Armando Cabrera

1st Place, BOV & BOS HL Specialty B Day after 2007 Nationals under Chris Zemny

7th Place of 109 SJB HL Nationals 2006

Qwade is a quiet bunny, such a gentleman.  He never sprays and he's always clean.  His beautiful curvature, bold eye, short ear, and dark, mahogany coat make him stand out in a class.  We are really fortunate to have an improved version of Shaggy to follow in his famous father's footsteps.

Qwade won BOB at the Ohio Mini Convention in 2008 with 244 in the Breed and went on to win Best Of Group!

He was Best Of Breed at the PA Convention in 2008 with 150+ in the breed & BOB in the Chesapeake Specialty Show also!

thf Saynora's Abe

GC thf Saynora's Jonah II x thf Saynora's Abby

1132 Top Lop Points in 2009!

10 ARBA legs - 6 BOB & 5 Best in Shows

2nd SSB ARBA Convention 2009



thf Saynora's Jonah II

20+ ARBA Legs, 5 BOV, 2 BOSV 1 BRIS

GC thf Saynora's Qwade x GC thf Saynora's Jackalyn

10th Place BSB ARBA Convention 2008 & 2009

We love this buck, his crown & placement is perfect. One of our favorites!



thf Saynora's Bordeaux

thf Saynora's Shortbread x thf Saynora's Adobe



thf Saynora's Johannes

GC thf Saynora's Jonah II x GC thf Saynora's Lazona

1 ARBA leg


thf Saynora's Dylan

Young Senior buck

thf Saynora's Jullian x thf Saynora's Dyna

4 legs, 2 BOS

wins Pasrba Open Show & EHLSC Specialty 2-2012


thf Saynora's Jonas II

Young Senior buck

thf Saynora's Jonah II son!





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